Director: Nick Perlman
Writer: Nick Perlman
Cinematography: A.H. Nelson
Starring: Pete Turo


Hazard, is an impressionistic short film which depicts an empty world. Within it, a young man (Pete Turo) wanders a barren landscape searching for food and solace. Through stark and suggestively violent imagery, Hazard explores themes of survival and paranoia while alluding to the unknown aftermath of an unseen event.

To preface: a friend and previous collaborator, A.H. Nelson, proposed to, “just shoot something.” We had been out of school for a year and needed desperately to create and work on our own terms. We were both on the same page and continued forward. We knew it had to be small in scale, so I started with a simple premise involving a man, an unseen horror and a recently abandoned car.

The production progressed and the first edit was made, but we realized that there was so much more to this world that we wanted to explore. The initial premise left a door wide open. We returned to shooting with a much simpler method and a far tighter budget: a crew of no more than three, the actor, and the landscape. We knew what this world should look like and set off to find what we could.

The end result is a compilation of this found imagery which alludes to something complex, strange, and dynamic using very little. It goes well past our initial desire to simply shoot something and is a testament to what micro-budget, bare bones, independent filmmaking can accomplish.